Universal Service Programs Contact List  

Holly O'Higgins, USF Director
email: Holly.OHiggins@wisconsin.gov
phone: (608) 267-9486
USF TEPP Line: (608) 231-3305​

Connect with Holly on the following USF issue areas:

  • General Issues
  • Lifeline Low Income Programs
  • Nonprofit Access
  • USF Provider Reimbursement

Dennis Klaila, Telemedicine Grant Programs coordinator
e-mail: dennis.klaila@wisconsin.gov
phone: (608)267-9780
Pete Jahn, ETC designations and ​​High Rate Assistance Credit Program coordinator
e-mail: pete.jahn@wisconsin.gov
phone: (608)267-2338  
Billy Mauldin, TEPP manager and 2-line Voice Carry Over coordinator
e-mail: billy.mauldin@wisconsin.gov 
phone: (608)234-4781(vp/voice)  
USF TEPP Line: (608)231-3305