Universal Service Fund


​The Universal Service Fund (USF) provides funding that helps Wisconsin residents get essential and advanced telecommunications services. The USF funds a number of programs and grants to meet these goals. 

The USF funds these programs:​​ 

USF Funded Grant Programs

USF also funds several grant programs​.

Universal Service Fund Council

The PSC is responsible for the policies and procedures of the USF and the programs it supports. It is assisted by a Universal Service Fund Council consisting of representatives of the telecommunications service providers and consumers in the state. 

The USF and the USF Council were established by 1993 Wisconsin Act 496. The USF and the Council are governed by state statutes and administrative code rules​

Universal Service Fund Reports to the Legislature​​

The PSC, working with the USF Council, provides biennial reports to the legislature. Go to the Reference Center foUnive​rsal Service Fund biennial reports.

USF Financial Statements 

The USF is accounted for as a special revenue fund, which is a governmental fund. The financial statements provide a detailed short-term view of the USF’s finances that assists in determining whether there will be adequate resources available to meet the current needs of the USF.​

​​USF Financial Statements for 6/30/2019 and 6/30/2020

For More Informati​on

Questions about the USF and USF Council can be addressed to this general email at PSCUniversalServiceFund@wisconsin.gov or Peter​ Jahn at Peter.Jahn@​wisconsin.gov​.​​