The locations of electric facilities and service territories are accurate only to the extent that the various sources supplied accurate data. PSC staff will continue to update and improve the GIS data and maps.

​For more information about Wisconsin energy system maps, GIS shapefiles, or databases contact:

Tyler Tomaszewski by phone: (608) 266-2730, or e-mail:

Maps are available for download in various sizes, free of charge. Smaller versions of the maps may contain less detail. Some personal computers may have difficulty downloading the larger maps due to their file size. Paper copies of any of the maps may be ordered. 


​Water Utility Conservation Program Maps 

Each Wisconsin water utility is required to implement basic water conservation and efficiency measures, including metering all water sales, conducting routine meter testing, monitoring losses and leaks in the distribution system, and collecting and reporting water audit information to the PSC. These requirements can be found in Wis. Admin. Code ch.185 Water utilities often provide additional leadership and funding for community conservation efforts, which can include demand side measures such as water fixture rebates, incentive programs, education and outreach, customer water audits, restrictions on lawn watering, and water rates that encourage water efficient behavior.