​​​2018 EIGP Success Stories ​​​​

2018 EIGP Project Success Stories represents eligible project activities from the inaugural EIGP grant round funded under two broad categories—implementation or planning projects.​​

Municipal Energy Plan - Seven Community Collaboration​

  Project Summary: This project established a seven-city coalition to leverage resources provided among seven        communities in Dane County (Fitchburg, Marshall, Middleton, Monona, Stoughton, Sun Prairie, and Waunakee) and      collaboratively developed energy plans that provide clear guidance on near term energy actions for each community.    ​For five of the seven communities, this project and their energy plans support goals they've established as    a Wisconsin Energy Independent Community.

  Total Project Cos​t  : $245,020.36

  EIGP Grant Funded​: $194,326.93​


          Final Report

Ahlstrom Munksjo - Heat Exchanger Installation

  Project Summary: Installation of a heat exchanger to capture and reuse heat from paper-making    processes to preheat new process water.  The capture and repurposing of this process heat      decreases the steam demand required for incoming process water heating. 

  The resulting energy savings from the decrease in steam demand from the addition of the heat          exchanger is expected to be 20,742 MMBtu per year—a cost savings of approximately $76,100 per    year.

  Total Project Cos​t  : $342,206.62

  EIGP Grant Funded​$114,000.00

​​Brown County STEM Center Solar Energy Initiative

  Project Summary: The STEM Innovation Center, located on the UW-Green Bay campus, shares    educational and work space among Brown County offices, UWGB, and the Einstein Project.  Brown    County’s EIGP project installed a 276 solar panel rooftop array providing 108 KW of electricity to    offset the building’s electricity consumption. In addition, this project supports Brown County’s    participation as a Wisconsin Energy Independent Community

              New​sletter​       Poster​              Total Project Cost:  $235,704.00​​

                                                                   EIGP Grant Funded​: $211,580.00​

 Juda School Dist​rict ​​​- Building Energy Efficiency with PV Installation

 Project Summary: Juda School District installed 12 solar panels to the school's rooftop.  The         new system, combined with their existing array, will offset nearly 10% of the school's electricity.       Synergy Renewables desig​ned the 4-kilowatt solar array, and Upper 90 Energy was the                   contractor, and the school engaged students on the project that will help the school offset its           electricity consumption and reduce its utility bills.  The project also included building envelope         upgrades. To offset t​otal project costs, Juda received grants from RENEW Wisconsin's Solar for         Good program and the Public Service Commission's Office of Energy Innovation.

  Total Project Cos​t  :$261,440.00

  EIGP Grant Funded​:$227,363.00​

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