Wisconsin Energy Statistics

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Wisconsin Energy Statistics 2020  

Wisconsin Energy Statistics Book

The Wisconsin Energy Statistics Book is an annual publication from the OEI that serves as a comprehensive source of data on energy consumption, generation, prices, expenditures, and renewable energy development in Wisconsin.

The 2020 Wisconsin Energy Statistics Book, is available in print now. Email OEI@Wisconsin.gov to request your copy. 

Wisconsin Energy Statistics Books – Previous Editions

40th Anniversary Edition 1975 – 2015
2013 Wisconsin Energy Statistics
2011 and 2012 Wisconsin Energy Statistics
2011 Wisconsin Energy Statistics
2010 Wisconsin Energy Statistics

Wisconsin Resource Energy Consumption (2005-2017)

Wisconsin Resource Energy Use​ 2005-2017
Average Utility Electricity and Natural Gas Prices 2016-2017

Wisconsin End-Use Energy Consumption (2005-2017)

Wisconsin End-Use Energy Consumption 2005-2017​

Wisconsin End-Use Energy Expenditure (2005-2017)

Wisconsin Expenditure on Energy Use 2005-2017

Wisconsin Renewable Energy Production and Use (2005-2017)

Wisconsin Renewable Energy Production 2005-2017

Wisconsin Agricultural and Transportation Sector Energy Use (2005-2017)

Energy Use by Wisconsin Agricultural Sector 2005-2017
Energy Use by Wisconsin Transportation Sector 2005-2017

Wisconsin Commercial and  Industrial Sector Energy Use (2005-2017)

Energy Use and Prices by Wisconsin Commercial Sector 2005-2017
Energy Use and Prices by Wisconsin Industrial Sector 2005-2017

Wisconsin Residential Sector Energy Use (2005-2017)

Energy Use and Prices by Wisconsin Residential Sector 2005-2017

Wisconsin  Energy Use for Electricity Generation (2005-2017)

Wisconsin Energy Use for Electricity Generation 2005-2017

Wisconsin Energy Use and Environment (2005-2017)

Environment and Emission​s​​​


Degree Day Zones
Normal Heating and Cooling Degree Days, by Zone​
Estimated Solar Insolation for the United States, Two-Axis Tracker
Hydroelectric Generation Sites in Wisconsin
Biomass Resources Available in the United States and Wisconsin
Estimated Wind Power Energy Potential (at 70 meters) and Existing Wind Development Locations​
Wisconsin Natural Gas Utility Service Territories and Major Pipelines​
Wisconsin Petroleum Pipelines​
Wisconsin Electric Utility Service Territories and Generating Facilities over 100MW​

​​​Energy Use in State Facilities Report

​Wisconsin’s efforts to reduce energy consumption and costs in state-owned facilities began in earnest as a result of the rapid energy cost increases following the first Middle East oil embargo in 1973. Energy conservation and energy management efforts in state facilities have received continued support from the Governor, the State Building Commission, and the Wisconsin Legislature over the ensuing years. As testimony to the great facility managers and this support, the rate of annual energy use in state facilities has been reduced 32 percent since 1973.

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