Capital Projects Fund Broadband Infrastructure

​​ ​​​Overview

​​At the discretion of the Governor, the Commission administers limited federal funds for the purpose of expanding broadband access, adoption, and affordability. The Commission will award up to $42 million from the U.S. Department of Treasury under the Capital Projects Fund (CPF) Broadband Infrastructure Grant Program to invest in broadband construction and deployment that will provide high-quality internet to locations that lack access to adequate, affordable service. ​​​

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Who is Eligible to Apply​

For-profit internet service providers, telecommunications utilities, co-operatives, local governments, and non-profit organizations are eligible to apply for grants.

​​Additional Grant Details

Currently accepting​​ applications

No, the application period closed on
November 7, 2023 at 1:30 PM CT​.

​Matching funds required

No, but it is a priority factor.

​​Docket Number


Questions related to application process

PSC Gr​ants System​

To apply for a PSC administered grant, applicants must submit an application using the PSC G​rants Syste​m​​​.
Use the application material below for details on grant eligibility, instructions on application responses and required documentation when submitting an application in the PSC Grants System.

​Getting Started in the PSC Grants ​System

Resources for CPF Broadband Infrastructure Grant Recipients​



Monitoring (Coming Soon)​


Quarterly Reporting

  • Quarterly Reporting Instructions (Coming Soon)
  • Quarterly Reporting Webinar (Coming Soon)

Final Reporting

  • Final Reporting Instructions (TBD)
  • Final Reporting Webinar (TBD)​

CPF Reporting Deadlines

Period Covered
​Due to PSC

​April 1 - June 30
​​​​July 10, 2024​
​​July 1 - September 30
​​October 10, 2024
​October 1 - December 31​
​January 1​0, 2025​

​January 1 - March 31
​April 10, 2025
​April 1 - June 30
​July 10, 2025
​July 1 - September 30
​October 10, 2025
​​October 1 - December 31
​January 9, 2026​


​January 1 - March 31
​April 10, 2026
April 1 - June 30
​July 10, 2026
​July 1- September 30
​October 9, 2026
​​Final Report​​
End of Project*​​​Within 30 Days of Project Completion
*Final reports are due when the project is completed; may be prior to end of performance period.

​Questions about CPF Grants

PSC Capital Projects Fund email​

C​PF Broadband Infrastructure Grant Awards

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​Total Funds
​Grant Awards Summary
​Map of Awards
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2023​ CPF Map​
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