Lifeline Outreach Grant Program

USF Lifeline Outreach Grant Program ​

The Lifeline Outreach Grant program is a new grant program funded by the Universal Service Fund pursuant to Wis. Admin. Code § PSC 160.063and authorized by the Commission in its Order​. The Commission may award up to $250,000 in grants under this program on a fiscal year basis.


Important items to note for this grant program include:

  • ​The Lifeline Outreach Grant Program is organized under two program goals: Outreach and Education, and Research and Resource.

  • Eligible applicants under both goal areas are: non-profit organizations, community-based agencies, and political sub-divisions including Tribal governments. Additionally, for-profit businesses, universities and other institutions of higher education are eligible under the Research and Resource goal area.

  • Applicants seeking funding under both goal areas are required to submit separate applications.

  • Funding will be approved for only one year.

  • Applications for funding are due on April 5, 2021 at 4 p.m. CT.

  • All applications must be submitted via the Commission’s Electronic Records Filing (ERF) system in docket 5-UF-2021.

  • Additional information about filing on ERF may be found here.​​

2021 Application Instructions​ and Forms

​  ​​​Application InstructionsApplication Instructions

​Application Cover FormCover Form
Budget Summary FormBudget Summary Form 
Budget Summary FormBudget Summary Form 
Grantee Payment Request FormGrantee Payment Request Form 
Grantee Payment Request Form - SampleGrantee Sample Payment Request Form
Grantee Interim Report Form due January 15, 2022Interim Report
Grantee Final Report Form due July 30, 2022 Final Report