Eligible Telecommunication Carriers (ETCs)

The Wisconsin Administrative Code (PSC § 160.13.) spells out the full requirements for an Eligible Telecommunications Carrier (ETC). Those requirements are located on the Revisor of Statutes Bureau and Website.

Service providers designated as ETCs in Wisconsin are listed in the following ETC Service Providers​

Eligible Telecommunications Carrier Designation Overview: ​ 

ETC means that the provider is eligible for federal, and possibly state, universal service funding. ETC status was created in the 1996 Telecommunications Act. Under the Act, the federal communications commission (FCC) is responsible for broadly defining federal universal service programs, and the overall rules for ETCs. States designate providers as ETCs, and have the authority to apply additional requirements and create additional universal service programs. Wisconsin has created such programs and requirements. These are set forth in Wis. Admin. Code ch. 160. Providers may apply for ETC designation. That designation may, at the choice of the provider, be limited in either geographic scope or in the types of programs and funding for which the provider is eligible. 


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