ETC: Required Annual Filings

Q. What annual filings are required of ETCs? 

Annual Filings: All ETCs, including federal-only ETCs, are required to report assessable revenues information in the Annual Questionnaire System for Telecommunications Utilities. The due date for the annual questionnaire is April 1 of the following year. Check the Commission's Annual Report web page for availability of the appropriate year's annual report program. Do not use a prior year's annual report program for reporting a subsequent calendar year's activity.

High costs ETCs that are required to file FCC Form 481 with USAC are not required to file copies of those forms with the Commission. However, those ETCs are required to file an affidavit stating that the ETC has used all high costs support received in the prior year for the purposes for which it was intended, and that the ETC will use any high-cost support it will receive in the next year for the purposes intended. This affidavit must be filed electronically using the Electronic Records Filing (ERF) system in docket 5-KA-[year] where [year] is the current year. For example, information filed in calendar year 2021 would be filed in docket 5-KA-2021. A blank affidavit is here. The supporting information may be filed confidentially.

ETC must also file copies of their FCC Form 555 with the PSCW, if required to do so under federal law. Those forms should be filed electronically, using the Electronic Records Filing (ERF) system in docket 5-KB-[year] where [year] is the current year. For example, Form 555s filed in 2021 would be filed in docket 5-KB-2021. The forms may be filed confidentially.

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Universal Service Administrative Co. has additional information on what ETCs must file with USAC and with the FCC.

Certain ETCs may also be required to file information on ACAM and CAF II funding, and evidence that their residential rates do not exceed federal limits.