ETC FAQs Page 3

​​Q. How long do petitions for designation as an ETC generally take to process? 

Processing Petitions for ETC Designation ETC applications must be filed using the ​ ​​Electronic Records Filing (ERF) system on the Commission website. All filings are electronic – the Commission no longer accepts paper filings. Once the application is complete and all data requests have been answered, the Commission will issue a notice requesting comments. Unless the comments raise new or unexpected issues requiring consideration by the Commission, the order granting ETC designation will be issued shortly after the expiration of the comment period. ​ 

Q. How does a provider designated as an ETC update information provided in its application? 

Changes of Information Contained in the ETC Petition: If a company makes changes which would change items contained in the ETC application, (e.g. contact names or numbers, address, markets served, etc.) either before or after receiving designation as an ETC, it must notify the Commission of those changes. Such notification can be by letter, filed electronically via the Commission's Electronic Regulatory Filing System (ERF). The letter should be filed under the docket number if ETC designation is still pending, or under the company's PSC Utility ID number if designation has already been granted. 

The process for providers seeking to expand the area for which they are designated as an ETC, or seeking to relinquish ETC designation in some or all area for which it is designated as an ETC are described elsewhere on this page. ​ 


​​Q. How does an ETC petition for an expansion of the territory in which it is designated? ​

Expansion of Territory for a Provider Already Designated as an ETC A provider already designated as an ETC in Wisconsin may file a petition for designation in additional wire centers,​ or for statewide designation. A petition for expansion is similar to an initial petition for ETC designation, but simpler. The petition need not repeat the information contained in the initial application, unless some of that has changed. 

A petition for expansion that requests additional wire centers or census blocks must identify, in an electronic spreadsheet, the additional areas for which ETC designation is being sought. The applications must also include a statement that the provider will perform as an ETC in the expansion area as it has in its existing area of designation. A petition for expansion follows the same process as an initial petition for ETC designation. After the application is complete and any staff data requests have been answered, the Commission will issue a Notice of Investigation requesting comments. If no comments are received or if no significant issues are raised, the expansion order will be issued. If significant issues are raised, those will need to be brought before the Commission for resolution. ​