ETC FAQs Page 3

Q. Are ETC designations transferrable? 

ETC designation is not a transferable asset. It cannot be sold or transferred to another legal entity. If a company is purchasing the assets of a provider already designated ETC, including customer base and so forth, the company doing the purchasing needs to apply for ETC designation. The surrender of the prior company's ETC designation can be made contingent on, and effective only after, approval of the purchasing provider's request for ETC designation. If a provider designated as an ETC merges with another company, the surviving legal entity may retain the original provider's ETC designation. ​


Q.How does a provider surrender​ its ETC designation? 

An ETC may relinquish its designation for some or all of the areas for which it is designated. A petition for surrender must be filed through the Commission's website, using the 


Q. How does a “federal-only” ETC convert to a full ETC to become eligible for state support?​ 

​​Conversion from Federal-Only to State Designation: If a provider is designated as an ETC under Wisconsin Stats. S. 196.218(4)(b), and wishes to become eligible for state USF funding, the provider may petition for ETC designation under state law. The petition should clearly state that the provider is designated under the federal-only provision, and wishes to change to state designation. If the provider wishes to be designated only for the purposes of low-income support, the petition should state that as well. The petition must include an affidavit that the provider is willing to abide by all state requirements under Wis. Admin. Code s. 160.13.