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Any political subdivision (town, village, city, or county) in Wisconsin that supports and commits to promote the availability of telecommuting options is eligible for the Telecommuter Forward! Community Certification and may apply through the Public Service Commission’s Wisconsin Broadband Office. The political subdivision must demonstrate compliance with the statutory requirements under Wis. Stat. § 196.5045. The PSC has created a model resolution, which is available below, that satisfies the minimum statutory requirements to assist communities in this effort.

Apply here for Telecommuter Forward! Certification

Model Resolution (pdf)

Telecommuter Forward! Certified Communities

The following communities have received Telecommuter Forward! certification:​

Bayfield County
Iron County
Town of Cloverland (Douglas County)
City of Reedsburg
Town of Milton (Buffalo County)
Village of Soldiers Grove
City of Lancaster
Florence County
Vernon County
Dunn County​ 

Village of Gays Mills
Village of Kronenwetter
Town of Liberty Grove
Town of La Pointe
Village of Sharon
Town of Wittenberg
Polk County
Dodge County
Town of Boulder Junction 
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Contact Information

For further information about the application process for Telecommuter Forward! Certification or for any questions about the Telecommuter Forward! Community Model Resolution, please contact the PSC's Wisconsin Broadband Office at PSCStatebroadbandoffice@w​​ or (608) 267-2160.