USF Nonprofit Grant Program

The Access Program or Project by Nonprofit Groups is a grant program under the Universal Service Fund that enables non-profit groups to apply for partial funding of programs or projects that will facilitate affordable access to telecommunications (Wis. Admin. Code § PSC 160.125(2)). The Commission can award up to $500,000 in grants under this program on a fiscal year basis.

Important items to note for this grant program include:

  • Applicant must be a nonprofit group (defined as an IRS § 501(c)(3) organization).
  • Funding will be approved for only one year.
  • Matching funds are required for 25 percent of the total project cost (or a dollar match for every three dollars of grant requested).
  • The project must assist customers in areas of the state that have relatively high costs of telecommunication services, low-income customers or customers with disabilities in obtaining affordable access to essential telecommunications services.

FY2017 Application Guidelines and Forms

Application Guidelines for FY2017 Guide2017.pdf
Application Packet Cover Letter FY2017 CoverLetter2017.pdf
Application Cover Form ApplicationCoverForm.pdf
Budget Summary Form FY2017 Budget2017.pdf Budget2017.doc
Sample Purchase Statement FY2017 SPS2017.pdf SPS2017.docx 
Affidavit Form FY2017 View/Download PDF File Affidavit2017.pdf
PSC ss. 160.125(2) Wisconsin Administrative Code FY2017 PSC 160.125 Nonprofit Grant Program.pdf
Sample Final Report Form FY2017 SampleFinalReport2017.pdf SampleFinalReport2017.doc

Resources for FY2016 Grant Recipients


Sample Purchase Statement

Sample Final Report Form 

Resources for FY2015 Grant Recipients


Sample Purchase Statement

Sample Final Report Form

Previous Grant Awards

Summary of FY15 Grant Awards SummaryFY2015.pdf
Summary of FY14 Grant Awards SummaryFY2014.pdf
Summary of FY13 Grant Awards SummaryFY2013.pdf

Should you have any questions regarding the grant application guidelines, please contact Jeff Richter at 608-267-9624 or