​​Biogas, a clean renewable gas, can be produced from various local organic waste materials including food waste, agricultural residues and animal manure, energy crops, industrial organic waste, and municipal sewage sludge. It has multiple benefits that include providing local energy and a cleaner environment, improving public health, diversifying facility income, and creating local jobs to strengthen the local economy.  

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Case Studies

In November 2022, the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin - Office of Energy Innovation (OEI) and the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point completed case studies focused on three dairy industry anaerobic digester operations. They are complementary to the Wisconsin Biogas and Fe​edstock Survey, a previous study conducted in 2021.


In 2021, the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin OEI and the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point completed a statewide Biogas Feedstock and Industry Survey. The survey assessed the current status, challenges, and future opportunities of biogas facilities throughout Wisconsin.

In partnership with both students and staff at UWSP, more than 300 Wisconsin facilities, including wastewater treatment facilities, landfills, and industrial and food processing facilities, were asked to participate through electronic and mail survey submissions. This project serves as a follow-up to OEI's Biogas Survey Report conducted in 2015.

A link to the report is available below. Printed copies of the final report will be available on request. 

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Wisconsin is one of the early adopters and leading states in the nation to produce renewable energy from anaerobic digestion systems. The Wisconsin Biogas 2016 survey report identified 136 operating anaerobic digester systems in the state that include digesters using municipal wastewater, industrial wastewater, animal manure, and other agricultural residues as well as 35 operational landfills with biogas capture systems. A link to the 2016 survey report is available below.

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WI Biogas Survey 2016 Report



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