Through its many outreach and planning efforts throughout the state, the PSC's Wisconsin Broadband Office encourages broadband development and deployment by certifying local communities as being Broadband Forward!. A Broadband Forward! Community Certification signals that a local unit of government has taken steps to reduce obstacles to broadband infrastructure investment.  The PSC has created a model ordinance that satisfies the minimum requirements under Wis. Stat. § 196.504 to assist communities in this effort. Per Wis. Stat. § 196.504(9)(b), “if the commission develops a model ordinance under par. (a) and a political subdivision enacts a different ordinance that complies with sub. (5), the political subdivision shall, when applying for certification under sub. (4), provide the commission with a written statement that describes the ordinance and how the ordinance differs from the model ordinance.” If the political subdivision determines that the ordinance is the same (other than non-substantive stylistic differences) as the model ordinance, the political subdivision should make a note to that effect in the written statement.

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Model Ordinance.pdf
Model Ordinance.docx

Broadband Forward! Certified Communities

The following communities have received Broadband Forward! certification:

Town of Clam Falls
Village of Kronenwetter
Iowa County
City of Thorp
Town of Farmington (La Crosse County)
Town of Dunbar
Village of Cambria
Town of Knapp
Door County
Town of Russell (Bayfield County)
Town of Bear Bluff
Town of Land O' Lakes
Town of Stephenson
City of Fennimore
Buffalo County
Town of Milton (Buffalo County)
Town of Berry
Town of Liberty Grove
Town of Eureka
Town of King
Town of Brigham


Contact Information

For further information about the application process for Broadband Forward! Certification or for any questions about the Broadband Forward! Community Model Ordinance, please contact the PSC's State Broadband Director, Angie Dickison, at or (608) 267-9138.