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​The Public Service Commission's main statute related to the regulation of public utilities is Chapter 196. The PSC's appropriations are housed in Chapter 20.155. The Legislative Reference Bureau maintains the electronic versions of these statutes.

Wisconsin State Statutes

The Wisconsin State Statutes are maintained by the Wisconsin State Legislature. The link to the Wisconsin State Statutes: Legislative Reference Bureau.  The state statutes that specifically pertain to the PSC can be seen here.

PSC Wisconsin Administrative Code

The Wisconsin Administrative Code is maintained by the Wisconsin State Legislature Legislative Reference Bureau. Beginning September 1, 2016, comm​ents on proposed administrative rules will be accepted through the Legislature’s website at All submitted comments will be sent to the appropriate agency rules coordinators. It is necessary to include contact information in your submitted comments if you wish to receive a response. The previous administrative rules website at will be decommissioned on September 1, 2017.

Links to PSC-related Administrative Code and Register

Index to PSC chapters in the Wisconsin Administrative Code
Wisconsin Administrative Code - All Chapters, including PSC Chapters
Other information about the Wisconsin Administrative Code and Register
Contains access to various parts of the Administrative Code and Administrative Register, search tools and general information about their database and formats.

Appellate Court Decisions Involving the PSC​

The following links to the Wisconsin Court System accesses the latest Wisconsin Supreme Court and Court of Appeals decisions involving the PSC and an archive of decisions from those courts since June 1995.

Wisconsin Supreme Court decisions
Wisconsin Court of Appeals decisions

Utility Records Retention Guidelines

  Read this document for record retention guidelines.