Broadband Expansion Grants  for Fiscal Year 2019

On April 12, 2018, Governor Scott Walker announced that the PSC will award approximately $7.0 million in broadband expansion grants in FY 2019. The applications for a broadband grant must be uploaded to the PSC's Electronic Regulatory Filing System by July 16, 2018.  

Application materials can be found at the following links:

Application Instructions
Application Instructions
Cover Letter

Project Status Reports

The Commission requires interim status reports with each reimbursement request, and in all cases, at a minimum of every six months following the execution of the grant agreement, until the recipient submits a final status report and the grant closes. A final project status report is due at the same time that a grant recipient submits a final request for payment.

An editable form for submitting a Project Status Report can be found at the following link:

Broadband Grant Status Form
FAQ's for Broadband Grant Status Form

Broadband Maps

The Wisconsin Broadband Office provides several mapping tools that may be useful in drafting a grant application. The most requested maps and data are below:

Wisconsin Broadband Map

Broadband Expansion Grant Applicants, FY 2019

Broadband Expansion Grant Eligible Areas, FY 2018, Round 2 (Updated using December 31, 2016 coverage data)
Broadband Expansion Grant Eligible Areas & Areas without 5 MB Download / .6 Upload Speeds, FY 2018 (Spatial Data Download, using June 30, 2016 coverage data)

For any questions regarding the grant, please contact Dennis Klaila by telephone at 608-267-9780 or by e-mail at

Previous Grant Recipients

Summary FY2018 Round 2 Grants.pdf
Summary FY2018 Round 1 Grants.pdf
Summary FY2017 Grants.pdf
Summary FY2016 Grants.pdf
Summary FY2015 Grants.pdf
Summary FY2014 Grants.pdf