Pipeline Safety Seminars

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The PSC hosts a seminar every two years to promote pipeline safety and educate operator personnel in the state on current pipeline safety regulations. The seminar is attended by pipeline safety entities including: public utilities, gas producers, pipeline operators, and federal, state, and local government personnel.

2024 Seminar Materials

The 2024 seminar took place February 7-9, 2024, at the Chula Vista Resort in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin.

Materials and presentations from the seminar are available for download below.


2024 Agenda

Part 192 with PSC 135

Wednesday, February 7

PSC Overview and Updates

PHMSA Overview and Updates

Wisconsin Utilities Association Overview

Wisconsin Damage Prevention Council

Excavation Damage Reports Summary

Pipeline Safety 101

Compressor Station Design & Construction

PHMSA Valve and Emergency Response Rule

Odorizers, Odorants, and Pickling

GTI Energy U​pdates

Thursday, February 8

Corrosion Control Requirements

PHMSA RIN2 Transmission/Repair Rule

Pressure regulation and relief requirements (Code)

Pressure regulation and relief requirements (Merrimack Valley)

PSC Telecommunications Grants and Oversight

National Incident Trends

Friday, February 9

Review of past Wisconsin incidents 1980-2010s

PSC Inspection Findings, Section 114 thoughts, other updates, Q&A

2026 Seminar

The next Pipeline Safety Seminar will tentatively take place in early 2026. Details will be added here closer to then.