Guide to Becoming a Party in PSC Proceedings

What is a proceeding?

The Public Service Commission of Wisconsin (PSC) regulates the rates and services of the state's public utilities and reviews the need, cost, and location of new utility facilities. For each proposal the PSC conducts a proceeding to create a record of evidence that pertains to the case. This record is the only information upon which the Commission may rely when making its decision on a proposal.​

What is a party to a proceeding?

All proceedings provide a person the opportunity to participate either as a member of the public, or as a party. A member of the public participates in a proceeding solely to express a personal opinion on the case. To become a party a person must either:

  • initiate a proceeding by application, petition, or complaint, or
  • intervene in an existing proceeding. For all parties, participation must occur in a formal trial-type hearing process.

*For more information please see Guidelines for Contested Case Proceeding

For more information regarding Public Participation please see Guidelines for Public Participation

What is an Intervenor?

An intervenor is a party to an existing proceeding who participates to protect or advance a substantial interest that may be affected by the Commission’s decision. An intervenor may also participate to offer a particular perspective that will promote the proper disposition of the issues. To become an intervenor a person must file a request for intervention, and be admitted as a party into the proceeding by the Administrative Law Judge.

Each time the PSC opens a proceeding, it issues a notice of proceeding. The PSC emails this notice to existing parties, media outlets, and local officials in the area of concern. Also if the case involves a proposal to build utility facilities, the PSC sends the notice to any person who owns land in the potentially affected area. This notice includes instruction on how and when to file a request to intervene. Typically, the period to file a request for intervention is 14 days after issuance of the notice.

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