Lifeline is a Wisconsin Universal Service Fund program that makes essential telecommunications more affordable for low-income households by reducing monthly telephone charges. Most telephone companies that provide local residential service in Wisconsin offer this program to their residential customers.

            Customers must apply for Lifeline through their local telephone company provider.


​Wisconsin Lifeline Brochure (English) Lifeline.pdf  (revised version forthcoming)
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Wisconsin Lifeline Provider Listing and Contact Telephone Numbers llContacts.pdf

Interested Customers

  • You can receive Lifeline discounts on only one telephone number – either wireless or wireline but not both – per household.
  • If you are interested in Lifeline financial assistance, use the Wisconsin Lifeline Provider Listing (above) to find your provider, contact them, and say that you want to apply for Lifeline benefits.

Information for Providers

Verification of Lifeline Eligibility


Pursuant to an order by the Federal Communications Commission, the Link-Up program that assisted low-income individuals when starting telephone service by waiving the one-time connection charges has been discontinued as of April 1, 2012, and the Wisconsin program has been suspended. Other options for help obtaining telephone service may be available. Contact the Public Service Commission for more information.