Competitive Local Exchange Carrier Certification

The broadest category for certification under Wisconsin Statutes is competitive local exchange carrier (CLEC). Under Wisconsin statutes, CLEC status is not restricted to any particular technology or mix of technologies, and allows the provider to offer all forms of broadband and other telecommunications services. CLECs are certified under Wis. Stat. § 196.01(1d)(f) as an Alternative Telecommunications Utility – Other.

To Certify as a CLEC:

The online filing form for CLEC certification is here

The FAQ for the filing application is here: [Coming Soon]

When you launch the application, make note of the application number. You can edit an unsubmitted application using that number.

You will also be required to upload a PDF copy of the company’s articles of incorporation (or equivalent) and, if an out-of-state company, a copy of your registration with the Wis. Dept. of Financial Institutions.

There is no filing fee. Applications are normally processed within 90 days from receipt of a completed application. Processing times are generally less. ​

All Wisconsin providers, in all statutory categories, are subject to assessment for the Wisconsin universal service fund and for Commission expenses pursuant to Wis. Stat. § 196.85.

In enacting 2011 Wisconsin Act 22 (Act 22), the Wisconsin legislature included a “parity provision” to ensure a practical equivalence in the regulatory requirements imposed on traditional telecommunications utilities and competitive local exchange carriers (CLECs). Specifically, Wis. Stat. § 196.203(3) provides that “[i]f the commission imposes a provision of this chapter specified in sub. (4m)(a) on an [ATU] under this subsection, the commission shall impose the same provision at the same level of regulation on all other alternative telecommunications utilities.” Due to the enactment of Act 22, the Commission normally grants CLEC applications with a reduced level of regulation, and on a statewide basis.

If you have questions or comments about these issues, please contact Peter Jahn at (608)267-2338 or via email at Questions about using the Electronic Regulatory Filing System (ERF) should be directed to Jackie.Gardner​ at 608 261 8521, or via email at Jackie.Gardner​