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What is under the jurisdiction of the PSC?

The PSC is responsible for regulating the rates, safety, adequacy, and quality of service of electric, natural gas, and water utilities. The PSC has limited authority over sanitary sewer and storm water utilities and very limited aspects of telecommunications services. More than 1,100 utilities are under the agency's jurisdiction.

Telecommunications services under the jurisdiction of the PSC are limited to provider to provider issues and some aspects of Lifeline/Link-up equipment for individuals with special needs.

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What is not under the jurisdiction of the PSC?


  • Federally deregulated wholesale market price of natural gas and electricity supplies
  • Fuel oil
  • Gasoline
  • Most activities of the 28 electric cooperatives
  • Propane

Other types of telecommunications-related services

  • ​Land line phone service
  • Cable TV
  • Cellular phone service
  • Internet service providers
  • Long distance providers
  • Most VOIP providers
  • Telemarketing practices
  • ​Third party telecommunications billing

Questions about electric cooperatives may be directed to Wisconsin Electric Cooperative Association at 608-467-4649. Questions about propane may be directed to the National Propane Association at 630-515-0600. Questions regarding any other service listed above can be directed to the Department of Agriculture,​ Trade and Consumer Protection at 800-422‑7128.

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Can the utility backbill me for service because of a defective meter?

Commission rules require utilities to bill customers for all usage. This includes issuing backbills that result from inaccurate, interchanged or switched meters, underestimated meter readings, meters that haven't been read for long periods of time, or clerical errors. The utility is limited to backbilling for a period of two years. If a customer is unable to pay the entire backbilled amount, the utility is required to offer payment arrangements.

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What are the utility’s responsibilities related to disconnecting electric or water service during a heat advisory or emergency?​

A utility may not disconnect electric or water service to an occupied dwelling while a heat advisory, heat warning or heat emergency issued by the National Weather Service is in effect. Utilities are required to reconnect service to customers who contact them during a heat advisory if the customer indicates a medical issue is present. The utility may require confirmation of the medical condition by a physician. 

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What is the interest rate on customer deposits?

This is provided as information to all utilities. The PSC adopted rules allowing the interest rate paid on customer deposits held by Wisconsin utilities to change annually. This came about primarily in response to changing economic conditions. As a result, each December, the PSC establishes the interest rate that will apply for the following calendar year.

The administrative code provision covering the interest rate and how it is determined reads as follows:

The rate shall be equal to the weekly average yield of one-year United States Treasury securities adjusted for constant maturity for the week ending on or after December 1, made available by the Federal Reserve Board, rounded to the nearest tenth of one percent.

Therefore, the PSC sets the interest rate for calendar year 2024 at 5.2​​ percent.

View the history of the annual interest rates on customer deposits

If you have any questions on this matter, please contact Consumer Affairs at 608-266-3766.

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