Implementation Schedule

When the docket to investigate area code relief options for the 920 area code was first opened in June 2007, the anticipated exhaust date was the second quarter of 2010.  However, by the time the Commission’s overlay order was issued in December 2008, the anticipated exhaust date had already moved out two years.  Consequently, the 920/274 implementation schedule was crafted to accommodate the anticipated exhaust date that was in place at that time (the second quarter of 2012).  Since December 2008, the forecasted exhaust date of the 920 area code has been extended several times due to the various number conservation measures implemented in Wisconsin and the lingering economic downturn.

The 920/274 Overlay Schedule
Original Schedule
2010 Modified Schedule
2012 Modified Schedule
Start of Permissive 10-digit Dialing 12:01 a.m. CDT May 14, 2011May 4, 2013
Start of Mandatory 10-digit Dialing 12:01 a.m. CSTFebruary 11, 2012January 25, 2014
Earliest NXX code Activation Date March 10, 2012February 22, 2014
Earliest date that industry may request NXX codes from the 274 area code** September 10, 2011August 22, 2013

**This is considered the effective date of area code relief in the 920 area.