Abbreviated Number Codes

​Abbreviated dialing codes are, in effect, shortened phone numbers. You can dial just three numbers to complete your call.  The most widely known, and used, code is 911, which will compete calls to your local emergency services.

In Wisconsin, we have nine such codes in service.  

  • 211 connects to community information and referral services

  • 311 connects to non-emergency police and other government services

  • 411 connects to directory assistance

  • 511 provides traffic and transportation information

  • 611 connects to your provider’s tech support / repair service

  • 711 connects to Telecommunications Relay Services (TRS)

  • 811 connects to state One Call Centers (i.e. Diggers Hotline)

  • 911 connects to emergency services

  • 988 connects to the National Suicide Prevention Hotline

If you have questions or comments about abbreviated dialing codes, please contact Peter Jahn at (608) 267-2338, or via email at​.