Annual Questionnaire

Annual Questionna​ire Program for Reporting Revenues for Telecommunications Providers 

Telecommunications Providers must report annual revenues using the Annual Questionnaire System (AQS). The due date for reporting revenues for a given calendar year is April 1st​ (or the next business day if April 1st​ falls on a weekend). The questionnaire for reporting revenues for a given calendar year will become available in early January of the following calendar year. (For example, the AQS for reporting CY 2025 revenues will be available in January of 2026.)

The following types of​ telecommunications provider operating in Wisconsin are required to complete the annual questionnaire:

  • Alternative telecommunications utility (ATU) – recertified (ATR)

  • Incumbent local exchange carrier (ILEC) (a/k/a Local Exchange Carrier (LEC))

  • Competitive local exchange carrier (CLEC) (a/k/a Alternate Exchange Carrier)

  • Commercial mobile radio system (CMRS)

  • LEC recertified (LER)

  • Eligible Telecommunications Carrier (ETC)

  • Interconnected Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) provider (IVP)

  • Other telecommunications utility (OTU)

  • Reseller (RES)

The Annual Questionnaire must be completed and submitted, through the PSC Annua​​l Questionnaire System​

The Commission will not accept paper or PDF copies of the AQS.

​​We strongly recommend that you read the Help with Annual​ Questionnaire document before starting the annual report.

Questions about this program can be directed via email to or by phone at
(608) 267-2338.