Wisconsin Broadband Office


The mission of the Wisconsin Broadband Office (WBO) is to make high performance broadband more accessible, resilient, competitive and affordable in Wisconsin. Since 2009, the WBO has been collecting and mapping broadband coverage information for improved planning purposes. As part of the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin, the WBO serves as the leader and coordinator of broadband goals, data and strategies across the state. Our vision is that all Wisconsinites have the information technology capacity needed to fully participate in society. ​

Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP)​

On December 31st, the FCC launched the Affordable Connectivity Program. This longer-term program was created by Congress in the Infrastructure and Jobs Act, and replaces the Emergency Broadband Benefit program.

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PSC Internet & Phone Helpline

The PSC has established their Internet & Phone helpline for Wisconsin consumers. Please dial 608-267-3595 to speak with dedicated PSC staff or leave a voicemail.

Wisconsin Internet Self-Report (WISER)​

Tell us about your broadband experience! WISER is an internet​ survey and speed test that will be used to advise Wisconsin's broadband planning efforts.

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Broadband Grants

In July 2013, the state created the Broadband Expansion Grant program to help meet the demand for improved broadband and encourage its development in Wisconsin's unserved and underserved areas. The Wisconsin Broadband Office administers both state and some federal sources of funding.

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​Wisco​nsin Broadband Plan

​​Check what's in store for expanding internet access in Wisconsin.

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