RPS Compliance

The Wisconsin Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS)

Wisconsin Statute § 196.378, requires all Wisconsin electric providers to provide their retail electricity customers with a certain percentage of electricity from renewable resources. The RPS creates an overall statewide goal of 10% renewable electricity by 2015.

Each Wisconsin electric provider has a unique RPS requirement, known as their renewable “baseline,” based on how much renewable electricity the electric provider was providing in the years 2001-2003.  Investor-owned utilities, municipal utilities and electric cooperatives are all obligated to​ comply with the RPS. As of 2015, each electric provider has had to stay at 6% above their baseline renewable percentage.  

RPS Percentage Requirements

RPS Compliance

The Commission is required to biannually evaluate the impact of the RPS on the rates and revenue requirements of electric providers, and compare that impact with the impact with the impact that would have occurred if the RPS were not in place. The Commission’s report for 2012 is available in docket 5-GF-220.  The Commission’s report for 2014 is also available in docket 5-GF-245.

The Commission evaluates electric provider compliance with the RPS annually. Electric providers must file information demonstrating their compliance for each compliance year by April 15 of the following year. Electric providers use the Midwest Renewable Energy Tracking System to demonstrate RPS compliance. 

Recent RPS compliance dockets are listed below. 

2020 Compliance

2019​ Compliance​

2018​ Compliance

2017​ Compliance

2016 Compliance

2015 Compliance

2014 Compliance

2013 Compliance

2012 Compliance

2011 Compliance

2010 Compliance