Energy Innovation Grant Program


The Energy Innovation Grant Program covers a wide variety of energy related projects that reduce energy consumption and support renewable energy and energy storage, energy efficiency and demand response, electric and renewable natural gas (RNG) vehicles and infrastructure, or comprehensive energy planning.

2020 Energy Innovation Grant - Now Open!

Applications are due at 12:00pm CST on January 22, 2021!​  See the Application Instructions below ​for details on how to apply using our Electronic Records Filing System!

Interested parties are encouraged to subscribe to Docket # 9709-FG-2020 for automatic updates.  Click the 
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The EIGP 2020 Presentation is available here: ​EIGP 2020 Presentation.pdf

A recording of the November 19, 2020 webinar is posted below:​

 ​2018 Energy Innovation Grant Awards​

Additional Resources

For additional funding opportunities, view our Funding Tool!  Or, request to be added to our Funding Announcement List.