Energy Security

​Within the Office of Energy Innovation, the State Energy Office is the designated entity responsible for energy emergency planning, per the Energy Policy & Conservation Act of 1975 each state is required, under 42 U.S.C. § 6323(e)(1), to submit an energy emergency plan that it will utilize in the case of an energy supply disruption. (Executive Summary of Energy Assurance Plan)


​​Protecting and improving the resiliency of the Energy Sector in the face of both manmade and natural disasters is an ongoing effort that requires continued vigilance, contingency planning, and training. With partnership as the cornerstone of its overall strategy, the Energy Sector already has numerous programs sponsored by dozens of public and private organizations that support the sector's security vision and goals. The programs fall within four main categories: information sharing and communication, physical and cyber security, coordination and planning, and public confidence.​



SAFER2 is a US Department of Energy (USDOE) funded effort to improve the efficacy of State's response to long-term energy outage via ongoing collaboration with regional, tribal, county, and local Emergency Management Professionals.  The Office of Energy Innovation and Wisconsin Emergency Management are proud to partner to serve local, county, and tribal emergency managers to achieve the following goals:

  • Gaining a better understanding of the resiliency of critical energy infrastructure around the state.
  • Providing templates for fuel shortage contingency plans, cyber-security awareness in energy outages- we want to share lessons learned from the 2018 Dark Sky exercise and state fuel planning process.
  • Enhance understanding of roles and responsibilities of both state and tribal/local partners during an energy emergency​

​​​​Resources and Templates​​

Emergency Fuel Annex Template

SAFER-2: Energy Emergency Fueling Tabletop Exercise​ Presentation

SAFER-2: Emergency Support Function 12 Template 

Emergency Fueling During a Power Outage: Virtual Tabletop Exercise Guide​

Recent exercises attended by staff from the State Energy Office- contact Megan Levy with any questions: