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Wisconsin Office of Energy Innovation

Public Service Commission of Wisconsin

4822 Madison Yards Way, 6th Floor
Madison, WI  53705

Main Line: 608-261-6609
Fax: 608-266-3957​​​​


Kristy Nieto, Administrator 608-261-9419
​Tara Pray, Deputy Administrator 608-266-7165


​​​​​​​​​​​State Energy Programs Staff Contacts​
Local Energy Programs Manager ​and Energy Assurance Coordinator
 Megan Levy
(608) 266-5054
​Energy Grants Manager
 Olivia Shanahan
(608) 267-0317
Energy Innovations Manager
 Tom ​Nowakowski(608) 207-7854
​​​​​​​​​​​​​Focus on Energy Programs Staff Contacts​
Focus on Energy Portfolio Manager
 Jolene Sheil
(608) 266-7375
Focus on Energy IS Business Automation Specialist
 Alex Fortney
(608) 266-1462
Focus on Energy Performance Manager
 Mitchell Horrie(608) 267-3206​