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Wisconsin Office of Energy Innovation

Public Service Commission of Wisconsin

4822 Madison Yards Way, 6th Floor
Madison, WI  53705

Main Line: 608-261-6609
Fax: 608-266-3957

State Energy Programs Staff Contacts
Maria Redmond - Director608-266-1521
Megan Levy - Local Energy Programs Manager, Energy Assurance Coordinator

Energy Independent Communities Program
Local and Municipal Energy Initiatives
Technical assistance with Performance Contracting
Olivia Shanahan - Energy Grants Manager608-267-0317
 State Energy Program
Wisconsin Statewide Wood Energy Team
Funding Opportunities for renewable energy and fuel related projects
Clean Energy Manufacturing Revolving Loan Fund
Vanessa Durant - Energy Program and Data Analyst608-264-7651
 Wisconsin Energy Statistics

Tom Nowakowski - Energy Innovations Manager608-207-7854
 Non-Competitive Grant Funding


Focus on Energy Program Staff Contacts
Maria Redmond - Director608-266-1521
Joe Fontaine- Focus on Energy Performance Manager608-266-0910
Alex Fortney- Focus on Energy IS Business Automation Specialist
Jolene Sheil- Focus on Energy Portfolio Manager608-266-7375