​Broadband Grants

NEW! - ARPA Broadband Access Grant, Fiscal Year 2022

Application materials may be found at the following links:
​​ Letter to Persons Interested in the ARPA Broadband Access Grants
ARPA Broadband Access Grant Application Instructions PDF Word
ARPA Broadband Access Grant Budget and Income Summary Form
​​ARPA Budget Categories Reference
​​ARPA Broadband Access Grant Map
ARPA Broadband Access Grant Eligibility Guide Mapping Files - Updated June 30, 2021​
ARPA Broadband Access Grant Sample Grant Agreement (Preliminary Draft)​​
ARPA Broadband Access Grant Frequently Asked Questions

Applications will be due on July 27, 2021. Please return to this page for future updates. 

ARPA Broadband Access Grant Webinars

​The Wisconsin Broadband Office is hosting a number of webinars for interested persons and potential applicants to attend to learn more about the grant application process.

Webinar Schedule

ARPA Broadband Access Grant Information and Overview #1
Tuesday, June 8, 2021
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Webinar Slides

How to Map Your Broadband Grant Project

Tuesday, June 29, 2021
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Webinar Slides

ARPA Broadband Access Grant Information and Overview #2 (Repeat of #1)
Wednesday, June 30, 2021
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Broadband Expansion Grant, Fiscal Year 2021 - Awarded

​On March 18, 2021, over $24.8 million was awarded for 58 projects​ to help expand broadband internet to ​​unserved and underserved areas of the state.

Forms for Broadband Expansion Grant Recipients

Please contact the Wisconsin Broadband Office by e-mail at PSCStatebroadbandoffice@wisconsin.gov.

For Questions Regarding Existing Grants

For any questions regarding the grant, please contact Dennis Klaila by telephone at 608-267-9780 or by e-mail at dennis.klaila@wisconsin.gov.​​

Previous Grant Recipient Information

FY2021 Awardee Map
FY2019 Grant Summary
FY2018, Round 2 Grant Summary
FY2018, Round 1 Grant Summary
FY2017 Grant Summary
FY2016 Grant Summary
FY2015 Grant Summary

FY2014 Grant Summary