Portage Solar Project | PSC Docket ID# 9810-CE-100

Application Summary​​​​
  • Portage Solar is seeking approval to construct, install, operate, and maintain the Portage Solar Project, a 250-MW photovoltaic (PV) solar energy generating facility in the Town of Grant and Plover, Portage County, Wisconsin (“Project”). The Project, which is anticipated to be placed in service as early as November 2024, would be constructed on 2,167 acres of primarily agricultural land. In addition to the solar panel arrays, several new structures would be required for the project including a new on-site substation, an Operations and Maintenance building (O&M), and a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS). Additional components including power conversion units, inverters, underground collector circuits would be constructed adjacent to the solar panel arrays. The project would require the construction of a new 500 foot, 115kV gen-tie line (a new electric line to transmit energy generated by the facility to the existing electric transmission grid).

  • Applicant stated need: This project is proposed by an independent power producer Portage Solar, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of National Grid Renewables​. As such, the need for the project is not reviewed by the Commission.

  • Estimated cost: This project is proposed by an independent power producer, and the Commission does not review the project cost or need. The cost to Wisconsin Utilities, and ratepayers, would be reviewed if the facility is proposed to be purchased by a Wisconsin Utility, or Utilities.

  • Project Location: The proposed project is located in the Towns of Grant and Plover in Portage County, Wisconsin (see maps below).

  • Proposed schedule:
    • ​The application was submitted to the Commission in March of 2022.
    • ​If approved, the proposed construction schedule for this project would begin in August of 2023. The project is proposed to be completed and in service by November of 2024.
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Statutory Review

This is a Type II action under Wis. Admin. Code § PSC 4.10 (2). The EA will be prepared to determine if an environmental impact statement is necessary under Wis. Stats. § 1.11.

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