Electric Vehicle (EV) Policy and Regulation Investigation | PSC Docket : 5-EI-156

EV investigation information

Project Summary
The Public Service Commission of Wisconsin recently opened a generic investigation docket, 5-EI-156, to consider present and future policies and regulations of electric vehicles (EV) and their associated infrastructure as they pertain to electricity service in the State of Wisconsin. The investigation is intended to be a collaborative process, with participation from broad spectrum of interested parties and members of the public.
Opportunities for Public Participation

On February 21, 2019, the Commission issued a Notice of Investigation (NOI) that listed eight EV-related policy and regulatory considerations to serve as initial direction for the ensuing discussion. Subsequently, a series of questions expanding upon those eight topics was developed and was provided to the public and interested parties for comment. A Word version of the initial set of questions can be accessed below under the key project documents section.

Once all responses have been received, the Commission intends to issue a draft report of the responses that will go out for additional comment. A series of workshops or conferences, as well as subsequent requests for comment, may be planned at a future date. Future scheduling decisions will be communicated through uploaded information to the Commission's ERF system and posted to this web page. Responses to the initial request for comments are due by Monday, May 20, 2019.
Key Project Documents

As documents become available, hyperlinks will be added. Additionally, you can view all documents filed in this docket on the Commission's Case Management System (CMS) page for this case.

Project Contacts
  • Please direct questions related to the requests for comment to PSCEVInvestigation@wisconsin.gov. Commission staff will continually monitor all incoming questions and will provide responses to the Frequently Asked Questions document, which can be accessed below.

  • Procedural questions, or requests for additional accommodations, may be directed to the Commission's docket coordinator, Tanner Blair, at (608) 267-3592 or via email at Tanner.Blair@wisconsin.gov.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Content responding to incoming questions will be added to the list of FAQs. Please check back for updates.