Application Review Process

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​Application Review Process

Wisconsin utilities obtain PSC approval before 

  • instituting new rates
  • issuing stocks or bonds
  • undertaking major construction projects such as
    • power plants
    • water wells
    • transmission lines


When utilities want to do any of these things, they file an application with the PSC.  The application is then reviewed by the PSC.  An application opens a case and every case is assigned an identification number called a docket number.  All documents associated with the case are available on the PSC's website​.  

If you would like more information on dockets, please visit the Electronic Records Filing System (ERF) web page.  § 196.49(5g) requires the Commission to adjust the estimated gross project thresholds for construction projects requiring Commission review and approval in even numbered years.

 § 196.52(3)(b)1m requires the Commission to adjust the cost threshold for affiliated interest contracts or arrangements requiring Commission approval every two years.  The most recent cost thresholds can be found using the ERF link above and entering docket 5-GF-154 for construction cost thresholds and docket 5-AI-101 for the affiliated interest cost threshold.

​There are different types of cases presented to the commission and each one may be handled a little differently.  To learn more, please see the application review process flowchart, as well as the applicable publication for each of the following types of cases:​

​​For more information about electric, gas, telephone, and water please visit our publications page.