Customer-Owned Electrical Generation

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Wisconsin electric utility customers have the option of procuring energy resources by installing their own source of electric generation. Often referred to as distributed generation (DG), customer-owned electric generation systems (COGS) are generally located at the customer’s residence or place of business.

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In addition to providing on-site electricity to customers, DG can also generate more electricity than the customer uses. DGs that are interconnected to the utility distribution grid can sell excess electricity onto the grid, thereby serving as an additional electric generation resource to the customer’s utility.

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Interconnection Procedure

If you are an individual or represent a company interested in interconnecting a distributed generator (DG) of 15 MW or less to the utility grid, please follow these steps:

  1. Review PSC Chapter 119 of the Wisconsin Administrative Code
  2. Contact the electric utility or cooperative association (electric provider) serving your DG site to obtain the proper application and agreement forms. See Distributed Generation Points of Contac​t for the necessary information for each electric provider in Wisconsin.
  3. The application and interconnection agreement forms are for information only. Please contact your electric provider to obtain the appropriate application and interconnection agreement forms.
  4. Submit forms directly to the utility.

Distributed Electric Generation Forms

State-approved Distributed Generation Interconnection Forms are provided below. ​

Please send completed forms to your electric provider.

Application Forms and Supplements
Form 6031 Wisconsin Standard Distributed Generation Application
May 1, 2024
Solar Photovoltaic Supplement​
May 1, 2024
​Wind Turbine Supplement​
​May 1, 2024
​Energy Storage Supplement
​May 1, 2024
Generator Supplement
​May 1, 2024
​Change of Ownership
​May 1, 2024
​Form 6032 Wisconsin Distributed Generation Facility Interconnection Pre-Application Data Report Request
​May 1, 2024
​Form 6033 Wisconsin Distributed Generation Facility Interconnection Pre-Application Data Report
​May 1, 2024​
Standard Interconnection Agreements
Form 6029 Distributed Generation Interconnection Agreement (20 kW or less)
May 1, 2024
Form 6030 Distributed Generation Interconnection Agreement (20 kW to 15 MW)
May 1, 2024

Buyback Rates

Utilities offer specific parallel generation tariffs for DG, which include purchase rates (referred to as “buyback rates”) a customer will receive for any excess electricity above their consumption needs. Electric customers who wish to install an electric generating facility may qualify for certain buy-back rates offered by their utility provider.

Net Metering

Net metering (also known as net energy billing) is available in Wisconsin for investor-owned utility and municipal utility customers who wish to install customer-owned electric generation below a certain size threshold. Under net metering, a customer is billed on the difference between the energy it consumes and the energy it produces during a billing period.


Look up information about the tariffs your electric provider has in place under which you may be eligible to sell power back to your utility provider.

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