Electric Vehicle (EV) Policy and Regulation Investigation

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Docket 5-EI-156 Project Summary

In February 2019, the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin opened a generic investigation docket, 5-EI-156, to consider present and future policies and regulations of electric vehicles (EV) and their associated infrastructure as they pertain to electricity service in the State of Wisconsin.

The investigation was conducted as a collaborative process, with participation from interested parties and members of the public through written comments and an in-person workshop. In December 2020, the Commission issued an order under the investigation encouraging utilities to propose EV pilot programs to the Commission, and providing regulatory clarity by establishing a framework for the information and criteria the Commission will use in evaluating pilot proposals.

Docket Reports: 5-EI-156

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Opportunities for Public Participation

Comment Period

On February 21, 2019, the Commission issued a Notice of Investigation (NOI) that listed eight EV-related policy and regulatory considerations to serve as initial direction for the ensuing discussion. Subsequently, a series of questions expanding upon those eight topics was developed and was provided to the public and interested parties for comment.

The Commission received 42 submitted comments on the questions, and issued a memorandum summarizing the comments on September 9, 2019. Commenters indicated that growing use of electric vehicles has broad implications for electricity use in Wisconsin, and presents new and unique considerations for the Commission as it defines its regulatory role.

The Commission conducted a workshop on December 5, 2019, to collect input on the infrastructure and other barriers that are impeding the deployment of electric vehicles and electric vehicle charging stations in Wisconsin. More than 60 participants engaged in breakout groups to discuss their views on this question.

Utility EV Pilots

Informed by input from the workshop and further written comments on an initial draft, the Commission issued an order in December 2020 encouraging utilities to submit EV pilots, and creating a framework that specifies the considerations the Commission will use to evaluate pilot reviews. Utility pilots will be reviewed under the framework in individual utility dockets outside of 5-EI-156.

As utilities submit EV pilots to the Commission, pilot detail will be available in PSC's Docket Search by searching a case type of “TE” with “electric vehicle" as keyword in the docket title.

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