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Dockets are how the PSC organizes correspondence with utilities, contractors, and other relevant parties. This information is available to the public using the Electronic Records Filing System. They are formatted in three parts (utility ID, case type code, sequence number) separated by hyphens (e.g. 5-TI-100).

  • utility ID can be found by using the Universal Name File Search
  • case type code can be found in the Case Type Lookup or listed below for the gas-specific sections
  • sequence number increments by one for subsequent filings (for the same utility and type) or is the relevant year for the docket

Pipeline Safety Enforcement

[utility id]-PL-[year]

These dockets contain enforcement of federal and state code for each calendar year. They contain inspections that were performed that year including any potential code violations, correspondence, and follow up.

[utility id]-GI-[100+]

These dockets contain investigations of specific issues related to gas.

A listing of both types of dockets can be found in this spreadsheet: Pipeline Safety Dockets

One-Call Law Enforcement


One-Call Law Enforcement dockets are listed as 9300-PLI-[seq#]. The first docket's sequence number is 100 and each subsequent docket increases the number by one. These dockets allege a violation of Wisconsin's one-call system (Wis. Stat. § ​182.0175).

Wisconsin One-Call Law enforcement action history: One-Call Enforcement Summary

Gas Construction

[utility id]-CG-[100+]

These dockets are for construction of gas pipelines if PSC authorization or notification is required per Wis. Admin. Code § PSC 133.03.

Gas Tariffs

[utility id]-TG-[100+]

Substantial changes to a utility's tariff are typically handled in their rate case. The TG dockets contain additional tariff changes. Tariffs contain each utility’s rates, terms, and conditions of service that utilities and customers must adhere to. They are approved by the PSC and must be filed in accordance with the requirements specified in Wis. Admin. Code § PSC 134.04. See additional information on the PSC page for U​tility Tariffs.