Natural Gas Excavator Safety

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Wisconsin Statute

Wis. Stat. § 182.0175 contains details of Wisconsin's one-call system including excavator and facility owner responsibilities. Excavator responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

  • 18" of clearance must be maintained between a marking for an unexposed underground facility and the cutting edge (except to remove pavement). After exposing the facility maintain a 12" clearance or twice the control limit of the equipment, whichever is greater.
  • Three business days prior to non-emergency excavations an excavator must provide notice to Diggers Hotline. Each contractor working at an excavation site needs their own locate request.

Diggers Hotline

Diggers Hotline is Wisconsin's one-call center that works to protect Wisconsin workers and the public by helping prevent damage to underground utility lines.

Excavator Guide

Diggers Hotline provides an Excavator Guide to help make and manage locate requests.


Diggers Hotline and Damage Prevention Academy have a free online educational program for Wisconsin excavators.

Positive Response

Positive Response is a voluntary program where utility locators provide locate status information to excavators. This way excavators know if the locators completed the locate request. Utilities not participating are identified and must be contacted directly for locate status information.


Diggers Hotline accepts complaints of violations to Wis. Sta​t. § 182.0175 regarding natural gas or other hazardous materials facilities. Complaints may be filed online.​

Common Ground Alliance

Common Ground Alliance strives to save lives and prevent damage to North American underground infrastructure by promoting effective damage prevention practices through shared responsibility among all stakeholders.​