Mapping is an important step in Wisconsin's broadband planning efforts

The Wisconsin Broadband Map is an app displaying statewide internet access as declared by internet service providers through the biannual data collections by the PSC and Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The app allows users to search by address and identify their local providers by simply clicking on the map. The PSC's Broadband Expansion Grant eligibility map layer is also displayed here when the PSC is collecting grant applications.

Updated on September 4, 2019 to show Broadband Expansion Grant eligiblitiy information for the FY 2020 grant round. Previously updated on June 10, 2019 to show coverage current up to December 31, 2018. ​

CountyCoverageCover v1_0.pngView and Print Internet Coverage Maps

Derived from the Wisconsin Broadband Map, these PDFs display internet access for counties and legislative districts across the state. In addition to coverage data, a local summary of Broadband Expansion Grant winners is included. Download any of these 200+ maps for sharing with fellow citizens or for personal reference.


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Internet Discount Finder

Internet providers offer an array of discounted internet subscriptions based upon a variety of factors such as income, participation in Free and Reduced Cost Lunch programs, housing assistance, veteran status, Medicaid, Supplementary Security Income and more. The Wisconsin State Broadband Office has developed a tool to help identify programs available based upon location.

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New! - FCC's Broadband Map

Displays internet coverage data across the country. Allows for analysis of internet coverage at county and other geographic levels. For more information and to use the map, go to





Wisconsin CAF-II Funded Areas

Find out if your location is designated for internet service expansion using $572 million in subsidies from the FCC's Connect America Fund (CAF-II). For more information, please visit the FCC's CAF-II FAQ page, available at




New! - Wisconsin A-CAM Funded Areas

Find out if your location is designated for internet service expansion using nearly $300 million in subsidies from the FCC's Alternative Connect America Cost Model (A-CAM).





Wisconsin Broadband Expansion Grant Recipients

Map of projects that were awarded funding through the PSC's Broadband Expansion Grant. By clicking on flags on the map, users can view general details about the awardees and link to their grant applications.



Wisconsin Mobile Providers

Map depicting general areas of internet coverage offered through mobile data providers Coverage data come from providers through the FCC's biannual data collections.