Available datasets to expand statewide knowledge of the broadband landscape

The Wisconsin Broadband Office (WBO) routinely collects and maintains data to better understand internet accessibility across the state.  As these data sets are made available, they may be downloaded by the general public at the links below.

Data provided online are available in the format in which they are maintained by the WBO. Staff are not necessarily available to convert data to other formats.

All data hosted by the WBO are subject to the PSC’s Terms and Conditions. For questions regarding the datasets please contact: pscstatebroadbandoffice@wisconsin.gov.

Available Datasets:

Preliminary Broadband Expansion Grant Eligibility Guideline, Fiscal Year 2022 - Updated December 1, 2021​

Developed by the WBO to provide guidance for the Broadband Expanison Grant program. Eligibility mapping layers will be updated at least once before the close of the grant application period. Check back for updates. Dow​nlo​​​ad


Fiscal Year 2022 ARPA Broadband Grant Applicants - Updated December 13, 2021​​​​​

Developed by the WBO in conjunction with ARPA grant applicants to aid in evaluating grant applications. Includes basic features about each application, including their potential overlap status at the time of application and their award status. Dow​nlo​​​ad

Wisconsin State Broadband Office 2016 High Speed Internet Survey

Over 10,000 records collected to help identify areas of broadband demand across the state. Download

Broadband Coverage Data - Updated July 15, 2021

Mapping layers displaying internet coverage as displayed on the Wisconsin Broadband Map. Data as recent as December 31, 2020. Download geodatabase or shapefile data. Metadata​​​

Broadband Demand Survey: 2013

Nearly 10,000 records collected to help identify areas of broadband demand across the state. Download

​Broadband Expansion Grant Awardees: Fiscal Years 2014-2020

Assembled by the WBO to depict awardees from the Broadband Expansion Grant Program. Zip file includes approximate awardee centroid locations and selected attributes in geodatabase and shapefile formats. Dow​nload​

Community Anchor Institution (CAI) Survey: 2014

CAI data is self-reported by organizations. The PSC has not verified the accuracy of survey results. Download tabular and spatial data

FCC Commercial Towers in Wisconsin

​Commercially registered towers obtained from the Federal Communications Commission. Download

Telephone Exchange Boundary Map Data

Boundary mapping files for the PSC's telephone exchange boundary map. Download

Wisconsin Address and Parcel Data: 2014

Collected as part of the LinkWISCONSIN EBM Address Point and Parcel Mapping Project, and received by the PSC on June 30, 2014. Addresses: Download Parcels: Download