Ashland to Ironwood Transmission Line Relocation

Ashland to Ironwood Transmission Line Relocation Project | PSC Docket ID: 4220-CE-183

Project Summary
  • Xcel Energy has proposed five route alternatives that could be used to rebuild and relocate the transmission line that would be removed. These have been identified as Route Options A, B, C, D and E. All five route options contemplate relocating and rebuilding the 88 kV W3351 and 115 kV W3316 lines along the 34.5 kV W3606 and 34.5 kV W3607 corridors. Xcel has stated that the W3606 and W3607 lines are in poor condition and would be rebuilt as part of the proposed project. A segment of the W3606 line would also be relocated as part of the project.

    A portion of Lines W3316 and W3351 (the lines that would be removed) is ​currently located within the Bad River Reservation. In addition, regardless of the route selected, a 1.8-mile-long segment of Line W3606 will be removed from the Copper Falls State Park.

  • Applicant stated need: The Project is needed to ensure reliable electric service to the Bayfield, Ashland and Ironwood areas. The reliability concerns are created by three factors: 1) The advanced age and poor condition of the existing facilities; 2) difficult terrain that constrains access to the facilities which are located remote from roads; and 3) limited land rights.

  • Estimated cost: The applicant has stated that the estimated project cost would be between $131-139 million, depending on the route(s) selected.

  • Project Location: The project would be located within Ashland and Iron Counties (see maps).

  • Proposed schedule:
    • The application was submitted to the Commission on May 26, 2021.
    • The Commission is reviewing the project, with no firm schedule as to a decision date at this time. The environmental analysis will occur over the next several months and a Commission decision may occur in Spring of 2022.
    • If approved, the proposed construction schedule for this project is to begin in Spring of 2024, with an estimated completion date in 2026.
Key Project Documents
Opportunities for Public Participation

There will be public hearings where written or spoken comments would be accepted into the record for the project, dates to be confirmed.

For more information on becoming involved in the Commission review of construction cases, please visit our public participation page, or call one of the Project contacts listed below.

Statutory Review

The Project is categorized as a Type 2 action under Wis. Admin. Code § PSC 4.10(2). The Commission will prepare an EA for this project that will evaluate the location of the project and its potential environmental, community, and private property impacts. There will be a preliminary determination when the EA is complete that will determine whether the preparation of an EIS is necessary.

Project Contacts

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