RFP Studies

Below are two studies commissioned by the Wisconsin Office of Energy Innovation (OEI) in 2016. These studies provided valuable information about how to move forward in addressing the challenges of utilizing Wisconsin-based renewable energy resources, tackling ground and surface water issues in sensitive areas of the state, and managing the nutrients that farmers need to produce Wisconsin’s famous agricultural products. While these studies jump started a valuable discussion about the links between digester systems and water and nutrient management, the suggestions, recommendations, and proposed solutions therein are not officially endorsed by the State of Wisconsin. Potential applicants to the RFP should consider the elements of these studies to be one of many possible outcomes of the project. 

The first study, conducted by Dynamic Concepts and funded through OEI’s Energy Independent Communities program, is called the Phoenix Project. The study proposed a framework of integrated systems that include anaerobic digestion, water treatment and nutrient management to process the waste of farms in Kewaunee County. While this is just one proposal to address a variety of challenges, the hub-and-spoke concept has informed this effort and remains a central theme of the RFP.

The second study, conducted by UW’s Wisconsin Energy Institute (WEI) and funded through the US Department of Energy-State Energy Program, reviewed the findings of the Dynamic Concepts study and provided a systems analysis of Kewaunee County as it pertains to nutrient management. The study also made recommendations about how to begin addressing environmental concerns and provides economic analysis and guidelines for potential projects.

In response to the UW study, the Kewaunee County Land and Water Conservation Department reviewed the document and put forward additional comments in response to the peer review. They acknowledge that there are items in the peer review that appear sound, and others that remain in contention. Again, the PSC, for the purposes of this project and RFP, does not endorse any specific recommendation.

For additional information about these studies, please contact OEI@wisconsin.gov with the subject line "Studies".