Springfield Solar Project 9807 CE 100

Springfield Solar Project | PSC Docket ID: 9807-CE-100

Project Summary
  • The Springfield Solar Project would be a 100 MWAC solar electric generating facility. The project would also require construction of a new 138-kV substation and an approximately 500-foot new 138-kV generator tie line. The project would comprise of solar arrays, access roads, ancillary facilities, above-ground collector circuits, underground collector circuits, a new collector substation, as well as an operations and maintenance building.

  • Applicant stated need: This project is proposed by an independent power producer, Springfield Solar Farm, LLC. As such, the need for the project is not reviewed by the Commission.

  • Estimated cost: This project is proposed by an independent power producer, and the Commission does not review the project cost or need. The cost to Wisconsin utilities, and ratepayers, would be reviewed if power from the facility is purchased by Wisconsin utilities.

  • Project Location (see map): If approved, the Springfield Solar Project would be constructed in the town of Lomira in Dodge County, Wisconsin, north of the village of Lomira and east of the village of Brownsville.

  • Proposed schedule:
    • The application was submitted to the Commission on October 2, 2020.
    • The Commission is reviewing the project, with no firm schedule as to a decision date at this time. The environmental analysis will occur over the next several months.
    • If approved, the duration of construction for the Springfield Solar Project is estimated to be 13 months. This timeline is in part dependent on winter weather conditions and the ability to work through the winter months. In ideal conditions, the total construction period could last eight to ten months.
Key Project Documents
Opportunities for Public Participation

Commission and Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) staff are reviewing the application and analyzing the environmental impacts that may occur as a result of the construction of the proposed project. An Environmental Assessment Notice has been sent to notify property owners near the proposed solar facilities and individuals who have asked to be placed on our mailing list of the environmental review scoping period and encourage persons with local information or environmental concerns to submit comments for the proposed project.

The Commission will hold a technical and public hearing on the proposed project. At least 30 days before the hearings, the Commission will mail a Notice of Hearing to those on the project mailing list and notify the local news media. The Notice will include the time, date, and location of the hearings, as well as instructions regarding how to provide testimony for the hearing record. If you have any concerns about the project, you should attend the hearing to make the Commission aware of your concerns. People can ask questions, speak about, and submit comments about the project at the hearing. The Commission must base its decisions about the project, in part, on the record of the hearing. The Commission will discuss the record for this project at a meeting open to the public prior to making to its decision.

For more information on becoming involved in the Commission review of construction cases, please visit our public participation page, or call one of the Project contacts listed below.

Statutory Review

The solar electric generation facility is a Type 3 action under Wis. Admin. Code § PSC 4.10(3).Type III actions normally do not require preparation of an EA or an environmental impact statement (EIS) under Wis. Admin. Code § PSC 4.10(3). However, an evaluation of a specific Type III proposal may indicate that the preparation of an EA is warranted for that proposal. The Commission will prepare an EA for this project that will evaluate the location of the project and its potential environmental, community, and private property impacts. There will be a preliminary determination when the EA is complete that will determine whether the preparation of an EIS is necessary. Comments on this preliminary determination will be accepted and considered before a final determination is made. At the time of the preliminary determination, the Commission shall make copies ofthe EA available to those persons that request it.

Project Contacts

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