Lakeshore Capacity Project (LCIP)

Lakeshore Capacity Improvement Project (LCIP) Information

Project Summary


  • The Company proposes to install approximately 8.8 miles of 24‐inch and 12‐inch steel 300 pounds per square inch gauge (“psig”) maximum allowable operating pressure (“MAOP”) distribution main. The project also includes installation of two valve assemblies and either a gate station or regulator station.


  • The project will provide an additional interstate pipeline connection point in either the town of Yorkville or Paris, approximately 4,300 feet west of I‐94 along County Highway KR. A separate lateral or interstate pipeline project currently under development will be the point of supply


  • The proposed project is new construction and is tentatively scheduled to begin in October 2018 with an estimated completion date of October 2020.


  • WEPCO states that the project is part of an overall strategy to increase the quantity and reliability of natural gas service into southeast WI, and that this Project is the initial phase of that strategy and sets the foundation for remaining phases.


  • Applicant's Stated Need: to increase the quantity and reliability of natural gas service, both on a peak day and annually, in southeastern Wisconsin given projected load growth; planned distribution facility modifications; and pipeline capacity alternatives serving southern Wisconsin.

  • Project Cost: The estimated total cost of the project is $31.697 million.


  • Project Location (see map): The Project is located primarily in Racine and Kenosha Counties.
Key Project Documents

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Opportunities for Public Participation
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    Statutory Review

    This is a Type II action under Wis. Admin. Code § PSC 4.10 (2). This environmental assessment was prepared to determine if an environmental impact statement is necessary under Wis. Stats. § 1.11. It has been determined that no significant impacts on the human environment are likely. Therefore, an environmental impact statement is not required.

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