Differences between a Split and an Overlay

What are the key differences between a geographic split and an overlay?

The following table outlines the key differences between a geographic split and an overlay:

Geographic Splits Overlays
Area Codes

Splits maintain a single area code for each geographic area.

Overlays have two or more area codes within a single geographic area.

Telephone Numbers Splits require an area code change for approximately one-half of the customers.​

Overlays do not require existing customers to change their area code.

Local Calling

Splits permit 7-digit dialing for local calls within the area code.

Overlays require 10-digit dialing for all local calls.

Consumer Expenses

Printed materials such as stationery, business cards and advertising must be revised by those customers receiving the new area code.

There is no need to revise any printed materials unless they contain only 7-digit telephone numbers.

Size of the Area Code

Splits reduce the geographic size of the area code.

Overlays maintain the current size of the area code.