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Public Service Commission of Wisconsin
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Public Service Commission of Wisconsin
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Commission Contacts by Subject

Consumer complaints can be handled most efficiently by the PSC if they are directed to the Consumer Affairs Program.
Phone: (608) 266-2001 or (800) 225-7729

Complaints may also be submitted to the PSC via our Consumer Complaint System

The PSC does NOT regulate cable TV, cellular phones and towers, internet service providers, LP gas, and fuel oil.
Communications Director
 Jerel Ballard​
(608) 266-9600
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 According to state law, the public may obtain access to or copies of the Commission’s public records. For more information on how to request a copy of a public record, please see the PSC’s Public Records Policy.
Accounting and Annual Reports – Telecommunications
Number Portability and Numbering Issues
Choice of Telecommunications Providers
Eligible Telecommunications Carriers
Telecommunications Competition:
 - Voluntary Interconnection Agreements
- Certification / Registration of Telecom Providers (CLEC, VoIP)
- Provider to Provider Complaints
Rural Call Completion Issues
 Peter Jahn (608) 267-2338
Caller Identification (ID)
Police and Fire Protection Fee
Privacy Issues
Slamming (Unauthorized changes to long distance services)
Wireless 911
 Dennis Klaila (608) 267-9780
TRS (Telecommunications Relay Services):
 - General Issues
- Telecommunications Equipment Purchase Program (TEPP) and other services for the deaf, hard of hearing and other persons with disabilities
  Billy Mauldin(608) 234-4781 (VP/Voice)
  USF TEPP Line(608) 231-3305 (voice)  
Universal Service Programs:
 - General Issues
- Lifeline & Link-Up Low Income Programs
- Nonprofit Access and Telemedicine Grant Programs
- Telecommunications Equipment Purchase Program (TEPP) and other services for the deaf, hard of hearing and other persons with disabilities
 Holly O’Higgins (608) 267-9486 (Voice)
  USF TEPP Line(608) 231-3305 (voice)  
VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)
  Pete Jahn(608) 267-2338
COMMISSIONERS' OFFICE - General Information: (608) 267-7898
 Rebecca Cameron Valcq(608) 267-7899 Joshua.Cole​
 Ellen Nowak
(608) 267-7897
 Tyler Huebner
(608) 267-7898​​
​​Executive Assistant to Chairperson Valcq
 Carrie Templeton(608) 267-7899
Executive Assistant to Commissioner Nowak
 Bob Seitz(608) 267-7897
Executive Assistant to Commissioner Huebner
 Mark Bender(608) 267-7898 Mark.Bender1​
General Counsel
 Cynthia Smith(608) 266-1264
Secretary to the Commission
 Steffany Powell Coker(608) 266-1265
Administrative Law Judge
 Michael Newmark (608) 261-8523
Public and External Affairs Director
 Matt Sweeney​
(608) 267-3589
Communications ​Director
 Jerel Ballard​
(608) 266-9600
DIVISION OF ENERGY REGULATION & ANALYSIS - General Information: (608) 266-5481
 Martin Day(608) 267-9813
Accounting Issues
 Jackie Madsen(​608) 267-3599
 Andy​ Ehlert(608) 266-5814 Andy​
Natural Gas Issues
 Kate Christensen(608) 267-2893 Kate.Christensen​
Nuclear Issues
 Jeff Kitsembel(608) 266-9658
Pipeline Safety
 Alex Kirschling(608) 266-5576
​Rates and Tariffs
 Sherry Colstad(608) 267-9859 Sherry.Colstad​
Director Office of Regional Markets
 Randel Pilo(608) 266-3165
Chief Economist
 Enrique Bacalao(608) 267-2210
​Renewable Energy Resources
  Andrew Kell (608) 266-1124
​​Strategic Energy Assessment
 Joe Fontaine(608) 266-0910
Stray Voltage
 David Hansen(608) 267-3798
Transmission System Planning
 Randel ​Pilo(608) 266-3165
DIVISION of BUSINESS OPERATIONS & OFFICE​​​​ MANAGEMENT - General Information: (608) 267-0912​
 Eric Esser(608) 267-7829
Budget and Intervenor Compensation
 Jenna Schmidt(608) 267-7709
Information Technology
 Jeffrey Thomas(608) 267-5112
Facilities and Parking
 Rachel Desertspring(608) 267-8984
Records Management
 Jackie Gardner(608) 267-2897 Jackie.Gardner​
Copies of Orders and Notices
 Jackie Gardner(608) 267-2897 Jackie.​
 Kristy Nieto(608)261-9419
Customer Complaints and Inquiries
 Consumer Affairs Line(800) 225-7729
Utility Staff General and Compliance Questions for the PSC
 Utility Inquiry Line(608) 266-3766
Consumer Programs
  Bradley Rose (608) 267-9491
Telecommunications Programs and Regulatory
  Alyssa Kenney (608) 267-9138 Alyssa.Kenney​​
 Jaron McCallum(608)267-2160​​
Broadband Expansion Grant
 Dennis Klaila (608) 267-9780
Telecommunications Relay Service
 Billy Mauldin(608) 234-4781 (VP/Voice)
Universal Service Fund Programs
 Holly O’Higgins(608) 267-9486 (Voice)
Office of Energy Innovation (Focus on Energy and Other Energy Programs)
 Joe Pater(608)266-1521 Joe.Pater​
​Environmental Issues
 Adam Ingwell(608) 267-9197
DIVISION OF WATER UTILITY REGULATION & ANALYSIS - Utility Inquiries​: (608) 266-3766​​
Utility Annual Reports
 DWUR​A Help(608) 267-2335
 Denise Schmidt(608) 266-1282
​Water Programs
 Andy Galvin(608) 267-0510
​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​