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Wisconsin Residential Water Rates Dashboard

As part of a collaborative, nationwide project, the Environmental Finance Center at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill worked with the PSC to construct a residential water rates dashboard for Wisconsin.  This dashboard is part of the Smart Management for Small Water Systems project of the Environmental Finance Center Network (EFCN). The EFCN is composed of numerous Environmental Finance Centers located around the country. 

This interactive Rates Dashboard is designed to assist utility managers, finance directors, Board members, state and local officials, reporters, and customers in comparing their residential water rates with utilities of varying characteristics, including system size, customer base demographics, and geographic location. Rates data for this dashboard are drawn from the PSC’s tariff database and are based on general service charges; they do not include fire protection charges. The dashboard includes residential drinking water rate structures effective as of September 30, 2015 and does not reflect any rate changes since that time.

To link to the dashboard, as well as a video tutorial, visit UNC’s Environmental Finance Center website at: