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Eligible Telecommunications Carriers

An eligible telecommunications carrier (ETC) is a telephone service provider that has agreed to offer service to all customers (excluding those who fail to pay for service) in the area for which the carrier is designated as an ETC. In return, the carrier is eligible for state and federal universal service funds.

The Wisconsin Administrative Code (Wis. Admin. Code PSC § 160.13.) spells out the full requirements for an ETC. Those requirements are located on the Revisor of Statutes Bureau's website.

ETCs Providing Service in Wisconsin
This PDF lists the ETCs providing service to Wisconsin customers.

Annual FCC Certifications
Annual filing requirements for ETCs have significantly changed under sections 47 C.F.R. §§54.313 and 54.422. In 2013, filing dates under these rules were postponed pending approval of Form 481 by the Office of Management and Budget.  That approval was given, so for 2014 the Form 481 filings are due to the FCC pursuant to their codified annual filing date of July 1.  ETCs must also complete and submit to the PSCW an affidavit “Regarding Eligibility for Federal and State Lifeline Support Funds” to document their continued qualification for low-income support. Both the copy of the Form 481 filing and the Affidavit will be due to the PSC in July 2017.

Last year's memo to all Wisconsin ETC's and the Lifeline Affidavit form in pdf and word formats are available at the following links:

2016 Memo to all Wisconsin ETC's
2016 Affidavit of Lifeline Compliance for Wisconsin ETC's:

  • pdf version
  • word version

Questions may be addressed to Jeff Richter at 608 267-9624 or at Jeff Richter.

Pending Applications

The Commission has received applications for ETC designation from the following providers:

Provider Docket No.
Assist Wireless 8289-TI-100
Cellspan 1012-TI-100


Incumbent Telephone Companies
All of the incumbent Local Exchange Service Providers operating in Wisconsin have requested, and been granted, ETC designation for all the areas in which they provide service. This was done in the December 23, 1997, order in docket 05-TI-162. View/Download PDF File (1562 KB)

Competitive Providers
A number of Competitive local exchange carriers (CLECs) have requested certification in various urban and rural areas. The Commission has granted ETC status to each of the following CLECs for the exchanges listed.

Provider PSC ID Exchanges in which Provider is Designated as an ETC
CTC Telecom 1455 Barron, Rice Lake, Chetek
Chequamegon Telecomm. Company 1065 Ashland, Bayfield, Hayward, Spider Lake, Superior, Washburn
24-7 7073 Colfax, Elkmound, Boyceville, Knapp, Wheeler
First Nation Telecom 1987 Oneida Reservation
Price County Information Systems (PCIS) 4865  
Sage Telecom, Inc. 3005 All exchanges served by AT&T Wisconsin
Sharon Telephone Co. 5340 Darien
Vernon Communications, LLC 6079 Viroqua
West Wisconsin Communications Systems, Inc.
(d/b/a 24-7)
7073 Boyceville, Chippewa Falls, Colfax, Eau Claire, Elk Mound, Elmwood, Knapp, Menomonie, Wheeler


Wireless Providers

The following wireless providers that have been granted ETC status. A link to the order granting ETC status follows each name. The orders contain lists of exchanges for which ETC status was granted.

Provider Docket No.
AirvoiceWireless LLC 17081-TI-100
American Broadband and Telecommunications Company * 133-TI-100
AmeriMex Communications Corp 17090-TI-100
Blue Jay Wireless, LLC 9603-TI-100
Boomerang Wireless LLC * 647-TI-100
Budget Prepay, Inc. * 826-TI-101
Bug Tussel Wireless, LLC * 5-TI-1677
Global Connection, Inc. 2282-TI-100
i-Wireless, LLC 9604-TI-100
IM Telecom 9694-TI-100
Integrated Path 2669-TI-100
NEIT Wireless LLC * 5-TI-1677
Nsighttel Wireless, LLC 8202-TI-101
North American Local, LLC 4178-TI-100
Platinum Tel 9532-TI-100
Q Link Wireless LLC 9597-TI-100
TAG Mobile * 9595-TI-100
Tel Rite Corporation 7709-TI-101
Tempo Telecom LLC 17085-TI-101
TerraCom, Inc. 9590-TI-100
TracFone Wireless, Inc. 9385-TI-100
United States Cellular Corporation (US Cellular) * 8225-TI-102
Virgin Mobile USA * 9592-TI-100

* federal - only

For further information on Eligible Telecommunications Carrier status, or other ETC related issues, please contact Peter Jahn at Peter Jahn or at 608-267-2338.