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Broadband Reference Guide

The PSC and LinkWISCONSIN have released the 2014 Broadband Reference Guide Broadband Reference Guide(developed by the Center for Community Technology Solutions UW-Extension Madison). The purpose of the Guide is twofold:

(1) to help answer some of the basic questions about broadband and to provide reader's with the knowledge and tools to understand broadband services and technologies; and

(2) to help reader's learn why broadband is necessary in the 21st century, what it means for business and public institutions, and how it benefits our communities and its citizens from Pre-K to gray.

By understanding the basics of broadband, the different bandwidth needs, how consumers purchase services, and how to advocate for these technological changes, you can make educated decisions that impact your constituent base and help Wisconsin with its challenge to “bridge the digital divide” and bring broadband access to our rural communities.