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Electric Industry Maps

The Public Service Commission of Wisconsin (PSCW) develops and maintains a variety of statewide Geographic Information System (GIS) databases for the energy industry in Wisconsin.  A number of maps have been created from those GIS databases that contain information about Wisconsin’s electric system. Maps and databases are updated annually. The locations of electric facilities and service territories are accurate only to the extent that the various sources supplied accurate data. PSCW staff will continue to update and improve the GIS data and maps.

Maps are available for download in various sizes, free of charge.  Smaller versions of the maps may contain less detail.  Some personal computers may have difficulty downloading the larger maps due to their file size.  Paper copies of any of the maps may be ordered. 

Large Paper Maps (30” x 42”): $55.00 (includes shipping and handling) Payment by check only.

Medium and Small Maps: No charge for most requests.  Multiple paper copies available by quote.

Custom Maps: Available by quote.

Electric Service Territories – Updated October 2016
This map shows territories for major independently owned utilities (IOU), electric cooperatives, and municipal utilities.  The large map also includes county and township boundaries and major highways.

Medium (11” x 17”)
Large (30”x 40”)

Wisconsin Electric System – Updated February 2014
This large map shows the electric system of Wisconsin including transmission lines, substations and the state's major power plants symbolized by primary fuel type.

Medium (11” x 17”)
Large (30”x 42”)

For more information about Wisconsin energy system maps, GIS shapefiles, or databases contact:
Tyler Tomaszewski, Gas and Energy Division (608) 266-2730, e-mail: